Two Options to Make a Million Dollars Online

Making a million dollars online is not brain surgery, its a science. Let me brake it down to you in the
simplest explanation possible.
Option #1:
You can sell 100,000 ebooks at $10 a piece.
Option #2:
You can sell 100 programs at $10,000 a piece.Which one would you choose?
Now, 100 units is way less than 100,000 units (obviously).And all things being equal most people would choose Option #2. I know I would,
I hope you would as well. But all things are not equal. Here’s the kicker.It is harder to make that $10,000 sale…… but (and here’s the key), it is not PROPORTIONATELY harder.
Two Options to Make a Million Dollars Online
Here’s what I mean: It may be easier to go out and get one customer at $10 than it is to get a customer at
10,000. But it is NOT easier to get 1,000 of those customers at $10 each…That’s a lot of work.
At a Great 3% conversion (meaning 3 people out of 100 buy), you would need 100,000 people to prospect.Yet that is what you’d need to bring in the same amount of revenue as making a single
10k sale.Even though the above seems obvious, very few marketers actually practice this concept.The only system that let’s you do this online is MTTB. You can subscribe to my list to watch the video
that explains how selling just one item at $1,000 is better than selling one item at $10 or Click below:



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