The Biggest Cause of Lost Opportunity

“I need to think about it” is one of the biggest causes of lost opportunity.

It’s also usually a lie.

Most people aren’t going to “think about it”. It’s often just the excuse that people give to escape the tension they feel about needing to make a decision. It’s a cop-out so they can get back into their comfort zone. (The comfort zone that’s creating their current mediocrity.)

Knowing thisĀ in advance is helpful. Because that way — when you go into decision-making situations — you PREPARE yourself for that tension. And when you catch your robotic brain trying to get your mouth to say “I need to do my due diligence” or “I need to think about it”…..

….you can recognize it for what it is: it’s an EMOTIONAL defense. It has absolutely nothing to do with your ability to make a good decision about the information sitting in front of you.

Successful people make decisions quickly and change them slowly.
Unsuccessful people make decisions slowly and change them quickly.

Also, most unsuccessful people make their decisions based on fear and “worst case scenario” rather than their goals.

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