Teachers That Make A Big Impact In Your Life

Ever have one of those teachers in school that saw the
real potential in you that even YOU didn’t see?

Likely, they didn’t take it very easy on you either.

…They told you to try harder.

…They said you can do better than that.

…They told you practice makes perfect.

…They DROVE you beyond your own limits.

And… you only loved them for it once you get older.

If they were to pass away, you’d likely drive hundreds of
miles to attend their funeral because they impacted your
life so much.

Teachers like this are rare.

Outside of that %1 that actually CARES about seeing you
succeed and will push you even though you’ll hate them
for it in the moment, there are another 99% that you’ve
already forgot about.

The ones that were just doing their j-o-b.

The ones that would let you off easy.

The ones that would just glance at your work and would
send you on through to the next grade.

Though you probably loved em’ at the time, their impact
on your life was dismal at best.

You see, it’s easy enough for us to take it easy on
ourselves when it comes to not doing what we know we
should do in order to be successful.

We don’t need our teachers/coaches taking it easy on
us too!

A lot of recent research shows that we need to go back
old school.

We need those hardcore folks in our life to slap us around
and get us to see our own potential.

To drive us to become better.

I’ll give you a few key insights below on this study, but one
of the foremost is that you need a Coach that cares.

And that’s exactly what you get inside of MTTB System. A coach
that will drive you to succeed. That knows how to get you

Here’s a few things to think about now. Even if you don’t
decide you need a coach* at this point, you can try to
drive yourself with these leverage principles.

*BTW- Why WOULDN’T you need a coach!? Especially
when MTTB provides you with 6-7 figure coaches and
guru’s even, for free.

Anyhoo, back to the tips…

1) A Little Pain Is Good For You

You don’t need ‘sentimental’ feedback to what you’re doing
to try to get results in your business. You need someone
that will drive your performance to the next level, that will
CHALLENGE you. Take the criticism with honor, it’s good
for you.

2) Drill Baby Drill

Better known as practice, practice, practice.

You’ve got to implant new thoughts and actions into your
life. Only way to do that is to DRILL THEM down into
every fiber of your being by daily repetition.

3) Failure IS An Option

In business and life, you’ll fail many times before you get
it just right. Failing forward though doesn’t make YOU a

Just the opposite.

It’s a part of the learning and growth process. Embrace it.

4) Strict Is Better Than Nice

As I said earlier, strict teachers are loved more and get
their students better results. Instead of a gentle coddling,
you want someone to tell you to Suck it Up, and get
back to work!

Do this to yourself. DON’T take it easy on yourself. And
make your schedule more strict as well. It’ll give you more

5) Stress Makes You Strong

It’s totally true. Getting going in this Internet Marketing or
Home Based Business Industry, you’re going to have to
do things that are Uncomfortable to you. Yes, stressful.

It’s usually the case when you’re doing something NEW
and unknown.

My advice is to get used to being outside of your comfort
zone. That’s where all the good stuff happens.


Take these tips and let them transform you! Very
powerful stuff.

Pretty long email today but that’s because I care.

And these things will count for a big chunk of your
success online or lack-thereof if you ignore them.

Gotta run now but again, one of the Key fundamentals
is a High Quality Coach and training that will push you
to succeed.

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