One Easy Step to Living With No Regrets

I Was just reading a little blog post that’s catching a
lot of buzz around the interwebs right now called ’37
Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old’.

And I thought…

What a cool thing it would be to create a 37 Things
to-do personal bucket list!

Things you WON’T regret doing looking back at your
life at an older age.

It’ll be like the arch enemy of the REGRETS list! Mua
ha ha (said in an evil laugh)

One Easy Step to Living With No Regrets
All joking aside, I hate that people always focus on
the Negative side of things, although I know that the
list was created to inspire taking the time to doing
those things NOW.

I mean, how much time do we have to create the life we imagine
for ourselves and our families….frankly, not much.

This is why financial freedom to me is so important.

Some common regrets, or things people say they
will get to but rarely do are:

…Not traveling when you had the chance.

…Not spending more quality time with loved ones.

…Working too much with others reaping the rewards.

…Not learning another language.

…Being scared to do things. (You’ll look back and say,
‘what was I afraid of.’)

…Failing to not making physical fitness a part of your life.

…Not quitting a terrible job.

…And on the list goes.

So my challenge to you is to create a 37 Things To-Do

Make em’ big!┬áMake a real go do Just Do It!

The Key is to Start Right Away.

Things you’ve always wanted to do.

And then realize that none of them are likely out of reach.

Traveling the world, getting in shape, picking up the phone
and telling someone you love them, it’s all possible and
totally doable.

And if you’re looking at quitting the ole’ J-O-B, or looking
for a way to fund some of these 37 Things, then check
out MTTB:

It’ll help you get big, fast cash through High Ticket
Programs so money will never be a worry or issue.

Once that problem is gone, and you’ve actually got time
and clarity of thought, you’ll find that it will be Much
Easier to knock through your dream list and live a
no-regret life.

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