New Years Resolutions You Can Keep

Around January 1st, millions of people set ‘Resolutions’…

Scientifically, studies have been shown that on certain dates,
like January, people are given a ‘nudge’ to set some goals on
things they want to achieve.

New Years Resolutions You Can Keep

New Years Resolutions You Can Keep

Problem is, a staggering small amount of people actually keep
any of their resolutions. Which is what we like to call…


(Insert haunting music.) ; )

Why do so many fail at keeping their resolutions?

In this case, knowledge is power.

Listen, being positive is a good thing. But think about this… If
you’re overly positive, or overly optimistic about what you think
you can accomplish this year, you’re basically CONDEMNING
yourself to fail.

Like setting a goal to make a million bucks when you’ve never
made more than $40k a year.

Or setting a goal to lose 175 lbs in 90 days, when all you’ve
ever done is Gain weight.

So here’s what happens:

1) People Overestimate their own abilities.

2) The Underestimate the time and effort involved in staying the

3) They have an exaggerated view of the effect that change will
have on their lives.

4) In the moment of exuberance in setting resolutions we also
forget how much we won’t feel like exercising, how much we won’t
want to set up a squeeze page, or how much we won’t want to
market everyday to grow our business.

And so most suffer from what they call ‘False Hope Syndrome’
(I hope you never get that disease or are cured quickly!)

So here’s a few things that can help ya out:
(Scientifically proven to work)

New Years Resolutions You Can Keep

*Set more realistic goals.

*Create a FIRM plan of action.

*Set up contingency plans in advance. (Meaning, if you know you
won’t want to go to the gym, or you won’t want to grow your business
late in the evening, then set up a plan to deal with that. Throwing on a
cup of world class coffee for ‘just’ this occasion, having an
accountability partner and so on…

*And finally, don’t expect perfection. Imperfect action is way better
than no action. Imperfect action can get you in Shape and fabulously

*Stay focused and consistent and you’ll get the results you want…

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