Neurs the New Social Network for Entrepreneurs Review

There is finally a place where entrepreneurs can get together to network. Its not Facebook or Linkedin.

That place is called Neurs.

If you own an online business or a brick and mortar store and tried to increase business sales by posting on facebook or twitter, you know how vague it is to see if your efforts are paying off.

If you own a business or want to own one then this is the place to get connected.

Neurs is a company built for business owners. Neurs social network will revolutionize the entrepreneurial world. The video says that the new social network will be covered on cnn, cnbc, and on many news channel. The video also mentions that many will make money from it to, although we are all waiting to find out “how”. The social site will help aspiring entrepreneurs find their ideal business, connect them to people, and access the money they need to build their business.

With the current unemployment situation, and popularity of shows like Shark Tank, the timing could not be better for Neurs social network.

Imagine being in the ground floor of Apple or Facebook, that’s what Neurs is all about. They will reward you for joining and referring people to neurs. Again, this has yet to be explained as the company is still in the Launch Phase.

Neurs Compensation Plan Affiliate Program

Here’s a brief recap of the 3 Affiliate types:

  • Affiliate Basic (Free)
  • Affiliate PRO ($49 sign up fee)
  • Affiliate Partner ($79 sign up fee)
Neurs Compensation Affiliate Program

Neurs Compensation Affiliate Program

Three Affiliate Programs with three different people in mind:

Affiliate Basic: Our “traditional” version of the standard Affiliate compensation plan. No sign up fee. Compensation paid on direct referrals, plus monthly residual income for active memberships.

Affiliate PRO: Designed for those who want to be more engaged in NEURS. Ability to earn compensation on up to 30 Tiers of indirect accounts.

Affiliate Partner: Designed for Affiliates who are truly committed to the NEURS marketing plan. Ability to max out on all NEURS compensation and incentives!

Register with Neurs social network now and see the company vision, products, services, rewards program, and compensation package.

Neurs the New Social Network for Entrepreneurs Review

Neurs the New Social Network for Entrepreneurs Review

Neurs is free to join. You can use the link below:

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