How To Setup Goals and Live Your Dreams

So, we’re already around 25% into 2014…Scary right?

How’s it going so far?

I’m going to let you in on something that’s going
to straight up ‘Serial Killer’ style KILL most
peoples GOALS this year.

Did you know that most people on average
watch T.V. like 3-4 hrs. a day?

And that’s just the average.

Others watch T.V. over 8 hrs. a day.

Watching others live a fantasy life while their
own is deteriorating away, episode by episode.

Doesn’t matter what it is really:



Going out.

Mindlessly surfing the Web.

Making Cat sweaters…

Liking random things on Facebook

Insert random hobby…

They’re all dream killers if you don’t keep em’ in

Mind you, I do some of these things too….You just have to set an amount of time for them.

Most peoples Recreation ends up being their

It’s waaaay out of balance for most and instead
of it being something good for them, it’s a drain
and energy suck. It does the polar opposite of
what it should.

Now riddle me this…

Is living an incredible life and making
massive changes you’ve only dreamed of
in the past worth getting the recreation
balance in check?

Can you cut back to 1 hr a day on T.V., or
maybe just one night per week?

Can you set a time each day to check your
email, FB, fave Blogs, etc…like 4:00-4:30 AFTER
you’ve got a ton of productive stuff done?

The payoff is massive here folks.

Do what others won’t for just a short period of time
and you’ll have what others will never have.

And you’ll BECOME something much better in the

Yep. The journey it’ll take you down will be absolute

It’s worth it.

You’re worth it.

You can do it.

In fact…

If you can just take 30-60 minutes a day and go
through the MTTB System (The system I promote):

You’ll have everything you will need to make 6
figures or more in additional income in 2014.

But you gotta move fast.

We’re already well into the year and if ya keep
waiting, it’ll be over and you’ll have another year
full of regrets.

Your choice and personal responsibility to yourself
to get the ball rolling now.

I’m rooting for ya!

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