How Much Money Can I Make in Real Estate

How Much Money Can I Make in Real Estate, it depends

million-dollar-listing-NY-season3pickedupI got my real estate license in November 2012. Just as I was taking classes at the New York Real Estate Institute, I discovered the television show “Million Dollar Listing“. I was hooked.

The question was no longer when can I start working and get my commissions to pay my bills, but, How much money can I make in real estate?

Those guys on tv were making some massive checks! One deal alone netted one person half a million ($500,000)!

I set my sights high.

Two months into my venture into real estate and spending my money on transportation, food, business cards, and impressionable clothing, I realized that those guys on TV are on TV for a reason; they got hook ups!

Do not expect to start your real estate career and sell your first million dollar listing in your first few months. This business take grit.

You will be given a cold lead list of people around your area who are selling their homes without a broker. Your job is to pick up the phone and call Mr. Smith and ask him if he is currently using a broker to sell his home. Actually, your job is not to ask him for the listing. Your job is to ask him if he’s buying a place anytime soon.

This sounds easier than it sounds.

How prepared are you to call people who do not want to be solicited? How prepared are you to take rejection? To be honest, I thought I was.

How much money can I make in real estate

This is not meant to scare you but to prepare you. Real estate school will not prepare you or tell you what you will go through. They are there to churn as many students as they can to make a profit. Something like 90% will quit in their first year.

This is why I turned to blogging. Where else do you know where thousands of people are making $5,000 every month?

Tumblr, a popular blogging website, was recently sold to Yahoo for $1.1 Billion! But only the owner got rich. With blogging, you too can get join in the profits.

In my free video, you will learn how a down and out man started an empire from the comfort of his home. No cold calling, no soliciting, all online. Click below to find out.


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