Apr 25

How Much Money Can I Make in Real Estate

How Much Money Can I Make in Real Estate, it depends

million-dollar-listing-NY-season3pickedupI got my real estate license in November 2012. Just as I was taking classes at the New York Real Estate Institute, I discovered the television show “Million Dollar Listing“. I was hooked.

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Mar 10

Two Options to Make a Million Dollars Online

Making a million dollars online is not brain surgery, its a science. Let me brake it down to you in the
simplest explanation possible.
Option #1:
You can sell 100,000 ebooks at $10 a piece.
Option #2:
You can sell 100 programs at $10,000 a piece.Which one would you choose?
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Mar 03

Neurs the New Social Network for Entrepreneurs Review

There is finally a place where entrepreneurs can get together to network. Its not Facebook or Linkedin.

That place is called Neurs.

If you own an online business or a brick and mortar store and tried to increase business sales by posting on facebook or twitter, you know how vague it is to see if your efforts are paying off.

If you own a business or want to own one then this is the place to get connected.

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