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World Ventures Review – REVEALED!

Looking to Join World Ventures? I have one a few worlds of warning….

Chances are that someone you know told you about World Ventures and you told them “I’ll think about it”. Now you’re doing your research online. Guess what? You’re a normal human being as I would do the same thing.

Guess what will happen when you join and you tell your other friends to join?…..You will will never hear from that “friend” again!

There are better ways to recruit and its all done online. The leaders of World Ventures are doing it, so should you.

You can build a huge team of people in just 60 days.

How does World Ventures dream trips work?

WorldVentures is an online travel club called DreamTrips®, where users can buy discounted travel packages if they pay an initial fee anywhere from $99 to $299 + a Monthly fee starting at $24.99 (what a deal!).

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As you can see from the below screenshot the starting package is an initial investment of $100 with a $25 monthly fee (I rounded the numbers to make it easier on the eyes) for a total investment of $125 in your first month. As a standard DreamTrips member, you can only use 300 points (or dollars) to discount towards you first DreamTrips.

World Ventures

You are pretty much giving your money (Initial fee of $125 + Monthly $25) to someone else to save it for you. At the end of the year, you can use your saved money ($300) to buy a trip.

DreamTrips Gold® members have it a bit better but they pay a bigger price. The best thing about this package is RateShrinker…this service automatically rebooks your flight if your flight rate goes down. The negative about this is that you are still paying $50/month for gold service with an initial cost of $250. 

The last package is DreamTrips Platinum®. The initial cost is $400 and a $100 per month cost after. You can deduct 1200 dollars towards your DreamTrips (again, you are paying $1200 in fees so they better deduct that amount). See below screenshot for a snapshot of all 3 packages.

World Ventures

World Ventures


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What is the big negative with World Ventures?

  1. I see no big savings here. You are pretty much paying your fees so that in the future, you can book a trip using the fees that you have already payed for.
  2. You can find better vacation packages online.
  3. Its a Network Marketing company (If you’re in this for the money you can make)

I’m here for the MONEY! Tell me about the World Ventures Compensation Plan!

This is a network marketing company so you will need to build “2 legs”. You only get paid $100 when you recruit 3 people in 4 weeks. In other words, find 3 people who are willing to pay at least $125. That’s harder said than done with the outdated training they provide.

World Ventures

In today’s Facebook, Twitter, IG, Snapshot world, Network Marketing is an outdated model.

The “leaders” in network marketing companies tell you to make a list of everyone you have known since you were born and start calling them. They then tell you to hang outside parking lots and start approaching people. Who wants to do that? Don’t you want to make money online without bothering anyone? No calling, No un-friending…with the program I use, everything is done for you.

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Truth is, all you need is money to travel the world and create freedom for yourself and you family. Not an MLM company that pays small commissions. Trust me, its a lot harder with network marketing. Very few make it.

With the program I use, I never had to talk to anyone. In fact, the program has a sales team that makes sales for you. All I’ve ever done was put my link online (like I did here) and I get sales. Here’s a screenshot of some of my sales:

MTTB sales prove

The great thing about the Mttb System is that it has great training and they teach beginners just like you how to use the internet to recruit with out calling your friends & family. Module 3, is a great one! Making money with YouTube! I have used YouTube to make $1997 in 24 hours.

Below are some of the training you will get inside.

mttb system

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Below is a screenshot of my back office. When you create your account, follow the green button as you see below to get your Fast Start and start generating Profits!mttb

Since this program pays you $1,000, $3,000, & $5,000 commissions for each person you refer, you must qualify to enter. You can watch the video for free by clicking here.

If you need help, contact me by using the contact button above.








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